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Transforming Industry Leadership

AboutProject Details

Project Name: RIDC

Type: Industrial Plots

Size: 300 vaar - 5000 vaar

Target Audience: Businessmen

Region: Rohisha (Vatva)

Project Value: Approximately 100 crore


In a strategic partnership aimed at reshaping brand visibility, credibility, and market position, Markup Marketing joined forces with Kalgi Group for their ambitious RIDC (Rohisha Industrial Development Corporation) project. The objective was clear – to generate leads, drive growth, and establish industry leadership in the competitive market.

OffersServices Offered

Crafting an effective Branding Agency Marketing strategy involves several key elements:


Engaging outdoor advertising to capture the attention of the target audience in the Rohisha (Vatva) region.

Digital Marketing

Implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to enhance online presence and reach a wider audience.

Motivational Influence Speech

Leveraging motivational speeches to create a positive brand image and influence the perception of the target audience.

Government Awards Support Assistance

Navigating the process of securing government awards to boost credibility and industry recognition.

Results Achieved

The strategic collaboration between Markup Marketing and Kalgi Group resulted in tangible and impactful outcomes:

Increased Brand Visibility: The implementation of outdoor billboards and digital marketing significantly elevated Kalgi Group's brand visibility, capturing the attention of the target audience.

Enhanced Online Presence: Through targeted digital marketing strategies, Kalgi Group's online presence experienced a substantial boost, attracting potential clients and investors.

Improved Credibility: Engaging in motivational influence speeches and securing government awards support contributed to enhancing Kalgi Group's credibility within the industry.

Client Trust: The transparent and collaborative approach fostered a trusting relationship between Markup Marketing and Kalgi Group, aligning efforts for mutual success.

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