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Best working environment and career growth opportunities.

Explore career opportunities with best IT company – Themarkupgroup that are challenging and rewarding. With us –  experience collaborative and rewarding working environment.

Apart from some knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing, we look for some special qualities in the team members that we hire. Have a look at the traits we require.

Joining Markup Group isn’t just about work; it’s about experiencing a comprehensive work environment that values your time, dedication, and well-being

Best Month Gratification

Celebrate your achievements with our best month of gratification. we are committed to consistently acknowledging and rewarding your dedication and hard work best month of gratification.

Gaming Sessions

Let’s turn our passion for gaming into memorable moments and foster a spirit of teamwork and enjoyment.! It’s time to have some fun and strengthen our bonds through the joy of gaming.

Team Outings

Experience the joy of team outings that bring people together beyond the workplace. Let’s make memories that will resonate long after the outing is over, and build a stronger, connected .

Increment Opportunities

Your growth is our priority. Benefit from increment opportunities that recognize your skills, dedication, and contributions to our collective success.

Office Fun and Events

Immerse yourself in a vibrant workplace with regular fun activities and events. We believe in fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere where team bonding is celebrated.

Structured Work Hours

Enjoy a balanced work routine from 10 AM onwards, ensuring a consistent and productive schedule that respects your time and allows you to thrive both personally.
Let's start your career together.

SEO Executive

Experience    :  1-3 Years

   Location    :  Ahmedabad

Digital marketing

Experience    :  2-4 Years

   Location    :  Ahmedabad

Graphic Designer

Experience    :  1-3 Years

   Location    :  Ahmedabad