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Sarita 7

AboutProject Details

Project Name: Sarita 7

Type: 2 BHK Apartments

Size: 130 vaar

Target Audience: Middle-class

Project Value: Approximately 75 crores


Markup Marketing collaborated with Ramani Brothers Real Estate Company to promote their Sarita 7 project. The objective was to generate awareness, interest, and sales for the luxurious 2 BHK apartments in Vastral. The focus was on positioning Sarita 7 as an exclusive residential destination to attract potential buyers, specifically targeting the middle-class demographic.

OffersServices Offered

Markup Marketing provided a tailored set of services to achieve the project’s goals

Direct Marketing

Personalized direct marketing strategies to engage with potential buyers and create a direct connection.

Transit Marketing

Strategic placement of marketing materials in transit areas to reach a broader audience.

Corporate Marketing

 Engaging with corporate entities for potential partnerships and employee housing solutions.

Project Website

Developing a dedicated website for the Sarita 7 project to provide comprehensive information to interested buyers.

Results Achieved

Increased Brand Visibility: The implementation of outdoor billboards and digital marketing significantly elevated Kalgi Group's brand visibility, capturing the attention of the target audience

Enhanced Online Presence: Through targeted digital marketing strategies, Kalgi Group's online presence experienced a substantial boost, attracting potential clients and investors.

Improved Credibility: Engaging in motivational influence speeches and securing government awards support contributed to enhancing Kalgi Group's credibility within the industry.

Client Feedback: The collaboration received positive feedback from Ramani Brothers Real Estate Company, expressing satisfaction with the increased sales, revenue, and overall project positioning. The client appreciated Markup Marketing's expertise in understanding their target audience and delivering results that exceeded expectations.

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