Tricycle Advertisement


Tricycle Branding is a relatively newer transit advertising medium that is now available in various cities of India. In this type of advertising special boxes baring ads are propped up on tricycles which make rounds slowly across the pre-decided routes. Since these tricycles are meant solely for the purpose of advertising, the advertiser has a lot more control over the medium than they may have in other transit mediums. The exact areas to be covered and the timings are all entirely based on the advertisers need and the audience to be targeted.


Excellent reach


Targeted approach



Why go for Tricycle Advertising?

  • Flexibility– Flexibility is another important aspect that advertisers must focus on. Tricycle Advertising is extremely flexible as the advertiser can decide upon the time schedule and routes according to their needs which isn’t usually possible through other transit mediums.


  • Impossible to skip– One feature that distinguishes these ads from the ads on television, radio and a lot of other mediums is that they cannot be skipped or ignored easily. Besides this it does not even require the viewer to consciously access the medium before the ad can be presented and can instantly capture attention.


  • Reach Out to Everyone– Since people passing by these ads can belong to all classes of people these ads can effectively target both upper and lower segments of the society. With the correct selection of routes and timings in the right areas Tricycle Branding would allow brands to reach out to their targeted demographic easily.